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"There is an island, an island which you cannot go beyond. It is a place of nothingness, a place of non-possession and non-attachment. It is the total end of death and decay, and this is why I call it Nibbana."

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Insight Meditation and Yoga Retreat
14 - 20 Jun 2020
Bali Mountain Retreat Centre


            Mountain Retreat signOverview

This unique retreat will be led by Will and Angela McGee and held at Bali Mountain Retreat Centre located high on the slopes of Mount Batukaru in Central Bali. This idyllic retreat environment will enable you to relax and unwind and provide the opportunity to inquire into what it means to live in a free and liberated way.

Mt Batukaru is the second highest mountain in Bali and Bali Mountain Retreat Centre, set amidst coffee, cocoa and spice plantations, has panoramic views down to the ocean. The air is fresh, the water is directly fed from a spring on the mountain and the creeks and waterways are pristine. You will welcome the refreshing and revitalizing mountain air, sparkling spring fed water and rural Balinese culture.

Insight Meditation, known as Vipassana in the Theravada Buddhist tradition engages in the practice of ethics, mindfulness, depths of meditation, opening of the heart and wisdom teachings. Insight Meditation allows a deep inquiry into this unfolding life, with all its difficulties and joys.  It inquires into our relationship to what arises in our day to day, be it pleasant or unpleasant, and the freedom that is available when we bring understanding and awareness to each experience.


Bali Mountain retreats offers an opportunity for participants to fully immerse themselves in the retreat experience, with strong emphasis on meditation and Dharma Inquiry and Yoga philosophy and practices, alongside experience of Balinese spiritual culture.

Meditation and Dharma Inquiry with Will:


Yoga with Angela McGee:

Angela strongly believes that the ancient practices and teachings of the Yoga sutras are completely alive and relevant to contemporary life and can in combination with the Buddha’s teachings act as a guide to the potential for our liberation and freedom from suffering.  Angela teaches Yoga therapeutically with an emphasis on one - one teaching, discovering how Yoga can fit the individual rather than the individual fit the Yoga. Alongside her Yoga path, Angela is also a Dharma teacher in the Insight Meditation tradition.

Balinese culture:





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