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The Bell of Sarnath.
Adornment at the holy site where Buddha first preached his message.

























Pilgrimage to Indian Buddhist Sacred Sites 13-28 Oct 2018


BuddhaWill has been invited by Soul of India, the leading provider of tailor made pilgrimage and religious interest group travel to India, to lead a pilgrimage to Buddhist sacred sites in India scheduled for 13-28 Oct 2018.

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“I see this adventure as a unique opportunity for both an inner and outer pilgrimage. 
Outwardly, it is a chance to visit the sacred sites pertaining to the remarkable life of the Buddha and indwardly, it is a chance to explore his teachings and practices and how they apply to and have relevance to our own lives.

BuddhaThis combination of travel, meditation and exploration invites us to deepen our understanding and open our hearts."

We will be visiting Delhi, Patna, Nalanda (where the famous Buddhist University was situated), Rajgir (where the Buddha gave many of his teachings at Vulture peak), Bodh Gaya (where the Buddha awakened), Varanasi (the holy city), Sarnath (where the Buddha gave his first teaching and Dharamsala (the home of the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan community in India). These places are the most sacred and holy sites of Buddhism.

Buddha To have the opopportunity to be standing at these sites and at the same time to hear about Buddhist philosophy, teachings, meditation and mindfulness practices at the very locations where the Buddha introduced these radical teachings to the world, is a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in these teachings and practices that people still find relevant and liberating over 2,500 years later."

Further information and bookings.